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Container. Wallet. Pack. Ruler....


   I want to make a product that I would be proud to show off and give as a GIFT to all my friends, contributors, and not least users and future customers.
   This is why I came up with this 3D GIFTS CARDS, in the same time, including (but not limited to): Container, Wallet, Pack, Ruler, and this product to be in itself a GIFT CARD!

3D GIFTS CARDS: Container, Wallet, Pack, Ruler, ... & GIFT CARD !

   "Animation Transcription" ;)

   I am obsessed with perfecting this design and making a unique product for the unique lives of my customers and designing with active people in mind. Users deserve products that are durable, functional and affordable. The dimensions of 3D GIFTS CARDS are reduced to occupy minimal space while offering functional and resistant features.
   I also want to ensure the production of 3D GIFTS CARDS is environmentally conscious, so components are 100% recyclable materials and at the same time, including (but not limited to):
   - Holder for: Keys, Money Coins, Coins (watch, micro, miniature, CR / LR / SR / SG / AG / BR) Cell Battery.
   - Container with slots/pockets for hardware and/or electrical items: Cards, Data Storage Devices, Chips, Coin (watch, micro, miniature) Cell Battery.
   - Wallet for: Cards, Data Storage Devices, Adapters, Readers.
   - Pack (clamshell, blister) for goods such as toys, hardware and/or electrical items.
   - Gradation Ruler (in mm and inch) and with 4 and 5 mm holes and with EURO-punch or other punch types, becomes a drawing tool.
   Start using this nice, good looking, unique and useful product which will serve you for years.
   I give you 3D GIFTS CARDS and you just put an elastic band retainer (plastic, rubber or textile) or a money clip!

front - 3D GIFTS CARDS: Container, Wallet, Pack, Ruler, ... & GIFT CARD !
back - 3D GIFTS CARDS: Container, Wallet, Pack, Ruler, ... & GIFT CARD !


   For example, for the best wallet for card and/or money is necesary just one elastic retaining band (better wider) or money clip. POINT !
   For a much more extended use, everyday carry, holder, container, wallet, packaging for other products, drawing tool/ruler, protection, finder AND AT THE SAME TIME BEING IN ITSELF A GIFT CARD, there is necessary an IDEA, GREAT IDEA!
   Beacuse it is a GIFT CARD, get started and print yourself the 3D GIFTS CARDS if you want! The 3D models are waiting to be sent by email.
   Remember: the current 3D drawings are only models. Your final 3D printing prototype will be much more sexy ;-)
   Don't forget to put your name's initial letter on it or other logo and message and of course, recycling symbol (PLA, ABS, PA, ...).

3D GIFTS CARDS: Container, Wallet, Pack, Ruler,  & GIFT CARD !

   So what exactly can you do with your Gifts Cards and How Much Will You Do With It?

   At the same time, the Gift Card, Container, Wallet, Pack, Ruller, Protector, Finder and/or holder could also include (but not limited to):
   - Cards: Gift, Badge ( ID, Access or Security), Photo ID (Identity, Passport, Driving Licences), High Security Access (agency licenses, police, prison services and airports), Banking (ATM, Credit, Debit), Business, SIM (Full-size/Mini/Micro/Nano/Embedded), Smart, Public Transport (Metro/Subway/Bus Pass/Token), Hotel Key, Key (door locks), Keytags (Key Fobs for gyms, health and fitness clubs, salons, stores, loyalty), Rebate Funds, Membership Reward, Privilege, Events (weddings, parties), Stored-value, Voucher or Coupon.
   - Money (Bills and Coin (for "offline" ;) shoping cart))
   - Keys (door (house/car) and/or lock)

   - Data Storage Devices: Memory Cards (flash card/stick), CompactFlash (CF I/II), MS / MSD / MSPD / MSPDX / M2 / MMC / RS-MMC / MMCmicro / MMCplus / P2 / SxS / UFS / UFC (USB FlashCard / super stick (mini) / iStick) / SD / SDSC / miniSD / microSD / SDHC / miniSDHC / microSDHC / SDXC / microSDXC / SDIO / Memory Stick (PRO / Duo / PRO Duo / PRO-HG Duo / XC / Micro (M2) / xD / XQD / SFM / µcard / NT / NT+ / SxS / WiFi SD / MU-Flash (Mu-Card) / MS / SM / SMC / SSFDC /
   - Adapters/Readers/Extender for Data Storage Devices: Micro SD, Micro SD -> xD, Mini SD, M2 DUO, PCMCIA Ata Adapter for CF Card, SD / SDHC / SDXC / MMC to CF, Micro SD -> USB Reader, ExpressCard 34mm to USB, metal extender.
   - Container with slots/pockets for Data Storage Devices: SD, Micro SD, Mini SD, SIM (Mini/Micro/Nano/Embedded) cards, coin (watch, micro, miniature) cell battery.
   - Container with slots/pockets for hardware-based products and chip (semiconductor, CPU, microprocessors and microcontrollers, memory, integrated circuits (ICs)) for example from: Intel, AMD, QUALCOMM, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, SK Hynix, Micron, Broadcom, Infineon, Sony, Fujitsu, Freescale, NXP, Nvidia, Elpida, ON Semiconductor, Rohm, Panasonic, Analog Devices, Marvell, MediaTek, …
    - Container with slots/pockets for electrical and electronics items: Diodes, LEDs, Transistors, Feedback Systems, Operational Amplifiers, ICs, Digital Circuits (Combinational/Sequential), ...
   - Pack (clamshell, blister) for goods, hardware, electrical and electronics items: Cards, Data Storage Devices (and Adapters, Readers, Extenders), battery (coin, watch, micro, miniature cell and/or normal battery).
   Pretty Much Anything You Carry In Your Pocket That You Want To Keep Together And Organized (to-do lists, receipts, chewing gum, small pen or pencil, love letters, your notebook, field notes, note, tickets to the opera, baseball game, concert, tournament, grocery lists or like a tray (medical/pharmaceutical blister) used as unit-dose packaging for pills, tablets and/or capsules).
   And many other things you might wish !
   You can personalize according to your needs, you can create double face 3D GIFTS CARDS (front and back),... Your imagination is the limit !
   Also, it could also include (but not limited to):
   - Protection NFC/RFID
   - Inserted already devices (products) in the market to find your 3D GIFTS CARDS anywhere, anytime. App on your phone makes it easy to find your 3D GIFTS CARDS.
   Use Your Imagination. If you come up with new ideas let me know and I'll add them to models type for free delivery.
   If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the 3D GIFTS CARDS, or you would like to give some feedback, I would love to hear it.
   Your support is greatly appreciated !


   Why I Need Your Help And Where Will The Money Go ?

   Producing plastic products with injection molding is not cheap. There are many costs associated, including mould, mould makers (tooling), manufacturing and more.
   Steel mold necessary for plastic injection depend on the money raised for the project, and it can be:
   - new steel mould;
   - change mould (Hasco, DME, Meusburger, ...) with mould inserts;
   In change system with positioning wedges, the inserts can be changed very easily and quickly with a high repeat accuracy.
Benefit from Change Moulds and their numerous advantages:
   - Make prototypes in no time at all with ready-to-use mould inserts
   - Strong and durable construction of a closed mould frame
   - Save on costs through strongly shortened processing times and less material (steel) required
   - Change the mould inserts with the ejector set, the mould remaining on the injection moulding machine
   - Minimize your machine standstill times through quick changes made possible with newly developed ejector set coupling
   The steel mold is the most expensive part of this investment and drives the bulk of project pledge request. Your investment will finance the production of the 3D GIFTS CARDS mold and plastic injection products, to allow delivery of the finial product.
   I need to raise 3,250 USD so that I can produce my first set of four 3D GIFTS CARDS as soon as possible. If I will be able to get more 3D GIFTS CARDS created within that budget, I definitely will.
   Check out the informations above for more details, and the perks to see what you'll get in return for helping me out.


   What Happens If I Surpass the Project Goal?

   I would love to produce more models of 3D GIFTS CARDS and I would also like to produce a lot more concept.
   If the project do more than 3,250 USD, I will use the excess money to do just that. On average every $1000 above our goal will allow me to make other types/models (although it might be more as most of the costs will have already been covered).
   Also explore the possible development 3D GIFTS CARDS with other technologies (solutions), including (but not limited to):
   - overmoulded insert parts and use blank cards (or reuse old cards), with all the advantages.
   - In-Mold Decorating (IMD), Film Insert Molding (FIM), In-Mold Labeling (IML) to be able to pre-direct-printing;
   - many other solutions, like: combimelt, coinjection, dolphin, tecomelt, foilmelt, clearmelt, organomelt, varysoft, HP-RTM, variomelt.
   Other GREAT IDEAS and Thanks In Advance!

3D GIFTS CARDS slots/pockets for products:

   What I Need & What You Get ?

   I have a fully developped 3D models and prototypes, logistic knowledge and experience to promote and sell not only on my own site www.3DGiftsCards.com, but also on many more other.
   I need contributions, support and any suggestions on how we can improve the 3D GIFTS CARDS and I would like to give me some feedback.
   You will receive the 3D drawing models by email and You can 3D print.
   You get 20% contribution return in e-GIFT CARD / certificates**
   Why e-GIFT CARD / certificates?
      - Than to offer you products for perks (t-shirts, mugs, stickers, hats, custom printing, ...) that you do not like or to be unnecessary, with better value e-GIFT CARD / certificates you can buy the product(s) you want(s).
      - E-Gift Card / certificates can be considered virtual version of 3D GIFTS CARDS.


If you want to contribute at this project, still can do. Click Link !

   $1 - Thank You! Thank you so much for taking the time to support this project. You've made a statement to the world about something that is important to you and your voice will be heard. I will send you FREE 3D drawings for models you could realize (3D & 2D printing) or even modify them and create a model of your liking.
    $5 - Thanks* and 1 $ e-gift card / certificates Amazon.com Gift Cards E-mail Delivery.
    $10 - Thanks* and 2 $ e-gift card / certificates Amazon.com Gift Cards E-mail Delivery.
    $25 - Thanks* and 5 $ e-gift card / certificates (eBay e-Gift Certificates / Amazon.com Gift Cards E-mail Delivery).
    $50 - Thanks* and 10 $ e-gift card / certificates (eBay e-Gift Certificates / Amazon.com Gift Cards E-mail Delivery).
    $100 - Thanks* and 20 $ e-gift card / certificates**
    $500 - Thanks* and 100 $ e-gift card / certificates**
    $1.000 - Thanks* and 200 $ e-gift card / certificates**
    $2.500 - Thanks* and 500 $ e-gift card / certificates**
    $3.000 - Thanks* and 600 $ e-gift card / certificates**
    >= $3.250 - You are an ANGEL, Contributor ANGEL !
   Many thanks and deserve to be included in my team !
   and 20% contribution return $ in e-gift card / certificates*


Thanks* =
   Thank You! Thank you so much for taking the time to support this project. You've made a statement to the world about something that is important to you and your voice will be heard. I will send you FREE 3D drawings for models you could realize (3D & 2D printing) or even modify them and create a model of your liking.
e-gift card / certificates** =
   eBay e-Gift Certificates / Amazon.com Gift Cards E-mail Delivery or other e-Gift Card / Certificates online providers like merchants, B2C / eCommerce & eBusiness / Shopping virtual mall or retailers, wherever PayPal is accepted, according to your option reply at the e-mail of thanks. Recipient receive by email, a beautiful full-color, personalized eGift Card.

    What's It Made Out Of?

   3D GIFTS CARDS can be made from these materials, including (but not limited to): - plastics - carbon fiber - aluminium - wood - rubber - leather - stainless steel (inox) - titan - ...
   For many reasons, I chose plastic. Reasons, including (but not limited to) it's: recycle, lightweight, non-toxic, odorable, waterproof, strongest/flexible, wont easily tear, freezer proof, heat resistant, discoloring, stain resistant, hygienic, food/medical/pharmaceutical grade quality, production (processability), small price, ...
   All bioplastics (PLA, Cellulose, PA 11, PA 410, PHAs, PHB, PHV, PHH, Bio-derived polyethylene and Genetically modified bioplastics) and termoplastics materials include up to 100% recycled plastic applies to 3D GIFTS CARDS. Start listing materials with ABS, PA si PLA which are suitable for 3D printing and the most used (and relatively low cost): PVC, PET, PET-G, or other based polyesters, PS, PA, Cyclic olefin copolymers (COC) or polymers (COP), PE (HDPE/LDPE, PP, ...). Also including (but not limited to): silicone, TPE, PCTFE, durable epoxy material or polycarbonate. Don't forget to put the recycling identification code !
   For printing on a variety of media, I recomand PVC, ABS, PET, PET-G or other based polyesters and PC.
   For cards, usually, the standard specifies requirements for such physical characteristics as: Bending stiffness, Flammability, Toxicity, Resistance to chemicals, Card dimensional stability and warpage with temperature and humidity, Resistance to deterioration from exposure to light and heat, Durability.


   ID-1 sized cards (ISO/IEC 7810). The format specifies a size of 85.60 × 53.98 mm (3.370 × 2.125 in) and rounded corners with a radius of 2.88–3.48 mm. The cards I produce conform to this standard, within acceptable tolerances BUT with the variable thickness, various depending on use. The thickness of material will be minimum 0.25 mm (0.010 in))!
   I can also make cards of different sizes, with a small additional charge for creating a cutting or molding tool (die/stamping or mold insert) for your cards size or shape.


   Including (but not limited to):
   - clamshell - one-piece container consisting of two halves joined by a hinge area which allows the structure to come together to close. Clamshells are often made of a shaped plastic material, in a way that is similar to a blister pack. The name of the clamshell is taken from the shell of a clam, which it resembles both in form and function. The material can by made by thermoforming or can be injection molded into the desired shapes. A single piece of material is used for the top and bottom (or left and right) with a "living hinge" that is integral with the material, rather than added separately.
   - like a clamshell, but with two pieces: container and cover (termoformed or injected, frosted/clear plastic cards with 0.25 - 0.76 mm tickness), both forming one pack, with flat or irregular surface.
   - container consisting in two pieces: one is your card(s) having the cover role and other is 3D GIFTS CARDS container, with one or more slots/pockets to hold/storage/pack your products need.
   - with EURO-punch or other types/shapes: Oval, Osha, Inverted T, Sombrero; English or Metric, Custom Shapes. This slot punch hang hole to display merchandise on hanger displays. 2 size punch hole: 32x6.5x9mm or 24x4.4x7.5mm.

punch - 3D GIFTS CARDS: Container, Wallet, Pack, Ruler, ... & GIFT CARD !

   - 2 hole 4 mm diameter (to put Eyelets and can be hung from a lanyard, keyring; to help holding (fixing) the termoforming cover packaging (frosted/clear plastic material card with 0.25 - 0.76 mm tickness); to help holding (fixing) the cover folded over onto itself and sometimes fused at the edges);
   - 2 hole 5 mm diameter (to put Eyelets and can be hung from a lanyard, keyring; to help holding (fixing) the termoforming cover packaging (frosted/clear plastic material card with 0.25 - 0.76 mm tickness); to help holding (fixing) the cover folded over onto itself and sometimes fused at the edges);
   - gradation ruler (in mm or inch) and with holes 4 and 5 mm and EURO-punch or other punch types, becomes a drawing tool. You can change the 4 and 5 mm hole (or make new) with small hexagonal hole if you wish (for nuts).
   - one or more slots/pockets to hold/stor/pack goods such as toys, hardware, electrical items, enumerated in the project.

3D GIFTS CARDS slots/pockets for products


   Solid/opaque or translucent colors, including (but not limited to):
   - Brown - Black - "Frosted" - Yellow - Orange - Blue - Red - Green - Gray - White - ...

colors - 3D GIFTS CARDS: Container, Wallet, Pack, Ruler, ... & GIFT CARD !


   Surface or design of 3D GIFTS CARDS have a slightly textured feel, including (but not limited to):
   - frosted effect (slightly textured feel to the plastic card)
   - like leather, paper, ...;
   - also can have a custom stitch pattern edge (like a wallet has);

finish - 3D GIFTS CARDS: Container, Wallet, Pack, Ruler, ... & GIFT CARD ! - front

   Recycling the products

   Four different aspects:
   1. - recycling 3D GIFTS CARDS himself: made with 100% recyclable plastics!
   2. - reuse 3D GIFTS CARDS himself:
         2.1. solutions (technologies) including (but not limited to):                 Retransfer Print, Erased and Reprinted.
         2.2. pack for other products or goods, including (but not limited                 to): toys, hardware, electrical items.
   3. - recycling all other old (unredeemed, unused or expired) cards, to make new 3D GIFTS CARDS: Grinding and (re)Injection.
   4. - reuse all other old (unredeemed, unused or expired) or blank cards, to make new 3D GIFTS CARDS: solutions (technologies), including (but not limited to): Retransfer Print, Erased and Reprinted, Thermoforming, Stamping (Bending, Blanking, Coining, Drawing, Repoussé and chasing (embossing), Forming, Piercing, Slot Punch, Roller Dies, Welding and/or overmoulded insert parts, IMI (IMD, FIM).    Other GREAT IDEAS!

   Risks and challenges

   The challenges of 3D GIFTS CARDS will be getting the word out and convincing backers to participate. With so many great projects to choose from, I hope this GREAT IDEA will stand apart from the rest. To reach as many people as possible, I asking friends, families, and various blogs to help spread the word.
   Once the funding is in place, the challenge will be producing on a large scale. Depending on outside help is difficult, but I am confident in my experience and domain knowledge.

    Project Status

   After 1 months of intense work (I hope this is just the beginning and I can finish with your help), designing and making 3D GIFTS CARDS prototypes, I'm satisfied that the design is complete. Now I'm ready to make mold and begin production.
   For the first run, I'll limit manufacturing to 4 models. If project exceed funding goals, I will consider including more models of my collection in the first production run and hopefully I will be able to produce and sell at a price less than $1 / piece.

   In the future!

   3D GIFTS CARDS will include (but not limited to):
   - Pre-printed
   - Erased and Reprinted / direct-to-card print (high definition): photographs, name's or initial letter, numbers, messages or graphics, barcode (the number range and barcode type, for EPOS - Electronic Point of Sale), QR Code;
   - Studied how to print on all "existente" printers, including (but not limited to): Datacard, Evolis, Fargo, Javelin, Magicard, Smart, Zebra, Epson, Canon.
   - Embossed (characters, slots, pockets)
   - Durable scratch-resistant and yet highly-sensitive, self-healing PUR coatings;
   - Injection moulding scratch-resistant, self-healing surfaces with a 3D effect;
   - Laser Engraving
   - Digitised signatures
   - Magnetic Stripe
   - Smart Card Chip / Contact-Free (chip card, or integrated circuit card (ICC) is any pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits.)
   - Security Laminating (where you need it and a lower cost coating where you don’t). Laminating puts a layer of up-to-1mm thick film on top of your printing to improve card life and security, choose a holographic film or UV ribbon for even more safety
   - UV printing
   - UV layer (rewrite on used cards)
   - Fluorescent printing and laminating
   - Add hologram protection to the coating to keep badges securer and for longer.
   - Security Coats (to make your cards last longer and protect the content from tampering)
   - Retransfer print (the image is produced on a film, which is then attached to the card, producing very high quality images on highly secure, high tech cards. Cards are harder to forge or tamper with)
   - Protection NFC/RFID
   - Inserted device to find your 3D GIFTS CARDS anywhere, anytime. App on your phone makes it easy to find your Gift Card anywhere, anytime. Possible to put already products in the market in your 3D GIFTS CARDS !
   If the project not raise the amount proposed, I turn to another way of doing 3D GIFTS CARDS or why not a new project!


Silviu Corneliu Ghetiu

Silviu Corneliu Ghetiu

About me: Just one word...PLASTICS ...

- Inventor (Patent RO 121745);
- Projects Designer (Products Idea);
- Admin: 3DGiftsCards.com, Plastice.biz, ...;
- R&D, Q&A, Sales, …

   Besides Contributing How Can You Help 3D GIFTS CARDS?

   We are so appreciative of any support we get. It would be huge if you would spread the word, share our link on social networks. Either by telling a friend, say and recommand thees what people you know, tweeting or putting the project on your facebook page, and help spread our project. The more people that see this the more successful it will be and I can work on improving the product so you get the best possible product.
   Embed this card in your website or blog, copy the code below and paste it:

< iframe src="https://www.indiegogo.com/project/3d-gifts-cards-container-wallet-pack-ruler/embedded/8021339" width="222px" height="445px" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

   If you make a personalized 3D GIFTS CARDS, you can send me the 3D drawing model so that others could benefit. Please send me the 3D GIFTS CARDS printed or as an image/picture.
   If you have any available/disposable or old (unredeemed, unused or expired) cards, please send them to me and I will recycle them to produce other 3D GIFTS CARDS. Please send the package with declared value not more than 20 USD.
   By supporting this project you will make me able to develop other innovative products in the future. I have alot more GREAT IDEAS waiting to be delivered to you.
   Thank you for your time and I'm looking forward for your suport !

   Thanks so much!

   G. C. Silviu ;)

  P.S.: Contributors, please send shipping address to receive a possible gift !

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